Anchors Aweigh!

After graduating from Sigourney High School, Class of 1960, Mike joined the Navy. He was told that his good grades qualified him for a college scholarship but unlike brother Tom, Mike chose the sea. The 17 year old was assigned to a Mediterranean tour of duty. It was in the Navy that he learned to play the guitar seriously. After 4 years in the military, he married and raised 2 daughters, Robin and Monica. Eventually he and his wife Kate divorced. Mike continued to play the guitar and sing.

  Some people have a talent for hearing a song once or twice and then picking up the tune. Mike could do this with finesse. He never learned to read music but could play country, rock, classical or the blues with ease. Whether playing his faithful Martin acoustic or cranking it out on one of his electric guitars, his singing and playing brought musical joy to many peoples' lives. 





Performing at his friend Bob's wedding. Bob owned the Perfect Image print shop next door to Mike's Books & Records.

Actually Mike and I began going out after he played at our 1996 Christmas party, some 4 months after that first visit to his shop. I guess his music sort of swept me off my feet! He played lots of oldies but goodies that night.





The Collage!

Mike's collage in the shop took up a whole wall. I loved it from the first, found it very interesting & revealing of his personality. Some sketchy verbal brushstrokes to paint a portrait of him: Books, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Melville, Ayn Rand, acoustic and electric guitars, the blues, Sarah Vaughan, Elvis, The Kingston Trio, the 50's, miniature railroads, trains, animals, kitties, kindness, laughter, brilliance, imagination, Midwest down-to-earthness and stubborness, patience, TV sets, spiced shrimp, Roy Rogers bacon cheeseburgers, Mickey's Malt Ale, vocal imitations, nostalgia, boyishness, ant farms, comtemplation, solitude, natural beauty, and ultimately...sadness.










 "Lighthouse Cottage" Web Set From

"City of New Orleans" by Arlo Guthrie